Inara Ventures was founded in 2008 by Carter Laren as an experiment in providing seed capital to a variety of companies. We typically build close relationships with founders and actively participate in strategy when bandwidth permits.



The primary purpose of Inara Ventures is to make money by identifying great founders with great ideas and giving them the resources needed to turn their visions into reality, especially in the seed stage. Additionally, Inara Ventures seeks to help create a culture that values the most minor of all minorities—the individual—through valuing the creative minds of individuas everywhere. Specifically, the firm is heavily biased toward investments in companies whose management, products, and services help make the world a better place by promoting at least one of the following:

    • self-expression and compensation of artists, designers, musicians, and other creatives;

    • consumer access to (without theft or devaluation of) the output of creative minds; or

    • a sex-positive culture of non-judgmental sexual and gender expression


    Founders and Philosophy

    The right founder can make or break a company. Inara Ventures is unabashed that its goal is to make money and believes that the best founders are psychologically comfortable with the concept of money and openly embrace this goal. Before contacting Inara Ventures, read the following passage and ask yourself--honestly--whether you understand and agree with it. If you're not sure, you may want to find another firm.


    Francisco's Money Speech